A Dynamic and Collaborative Oil and Gas Production Surveillance & Monitoring Software for Performance Optimization.

ResWELL acts as the one-stop data analytic centre for oilfield operator engineers and service companies to share, transform and consume the data – enhancing understanding, cooperation and increasing efficiency to deliver daily production enhancement and optimisation. 

  • Field production allocation
  • Well test validation (PQ Curve)
  • Production Test Data Visualisation
  • Production Forecast
  • Field Well Ranking
  • Well Performance Nodal A

Our software Invigour ResWELL makes oil field data analytics simple for oil field surveillance. This means that the Engineers can be efficient and productive for day-to-day production optimization.”  – Thierry Wee, Founder and Managing Director of Invigour Energy.

What is Invigour ResWELL?


  • Allow users to collaborate anytime and anywhere.
  • On the go access to field data analytics and performing production analysis.


  • Engineer’s efficiency not constrained by software in PC. 
  • The idea is to have a simple and intuitive production collaboration software for engineers to make more use of data.
  • Making it fun and convenient to engineers for using field production data however it fits their work style. 


  • Production engineers, field surveillance engineers, petroleum engineers and Managers – who regularly use production data for field performance.
  • For those who want to have better control on how and when to update, visualise, analyse and share production data.
  • For PC, laptop and smart devices such as smartphone and smart tablets users.

One platform to connect all data, all users
and all data analytics

Active participation in Innovation Competition Award Program

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Using ResWELL for Well Performance Prediction

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Invigour ResWELL Oilfield Data Analytics Software

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