Invigour News

September 2018 – The 4th Malaysian Oil & Gas Services Exhibition & Conference (MOGSEC 2018).
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Presenter in 2018 SPE Workshop
Aug 2018 - Presenter in SPE Workshop: Brownfield Optimisation and...
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Presenter in SPE Symposium
Oct 2017 - Presenter in SPE Symposium: Production Enhancement and Cost ...
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Presenter in 2017 SPE Workshop
Feb 2017 - Presenter in SPE Workshop: Mature Field Redevelopments ...
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Interview Panel
Feb 2017 - Interview panel for Energy Institute Member and Chartered Engineer Applications in Malaysia
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Launched Invigour Learning Everywhere
Jan 2017 - Launched Invigour Learning Everywhere
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Launched Invigour ResWELL
Nov 2016 - Launched Invigour ResWELL
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Participation in SPE Workshop
Oct 2016 - Participation as committee member in SPE Workshop : Reservoir ...
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