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“We believe in going the extra mile to help our customers in the Oil and Gas industry. Sustainable solutions come from excellent team-working and understanding the exact needs of our clients.”

– Thierry Wee, Founder and Managing Director of Invigour Energy.


We have seen unprecedented changes happening across various industries around the world in world-breaking pace. Many great companies have found the new situation extremely challenging for continuing the good work they were doing before.

Like these great companies, Invigour Energy is aspired to continue delivering top class values and solutions to our clients and supporters.

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We believe with our expertise, knowledge, skills and industrial experiences in oil and gas, they can add value to your team at the best ability.

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HRDF registered employers are allowed to make claims by attending trainings conducted by HRDF Registered Training Providers. 



Invigour Energy provides innovative and bespoke solutions to oil and gas companies for improving field performance and asset management. Using our expertise in petroleum engineering, reservoir engineering, production technology and other subsurface disciplinary strengths, we deliver integrated services and trainings to our clients.


verb in•vig•o•rate in-vi-g-rt

:to give vigor to; fill with life and energy; energise